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All of the Planes of Light are under the influence of the Empire of Solaris. The Empire itself serves as a binding agent in a sort of federal system where each plane governs itself, but with restraints from the Empire.

Although there are many laws to properly convey these ideas, the main concepts the Empire forces each of its planes to abide by are these:

  • The strong shall support the weak, so that they may also become strong.
  • All life is precious and should be protected.
  • All beings must have the freedom to decide their fate.

Much debate goes back and forth on how these concepts are best achieved. These debates take place in the hall of advisers. Each plane has one representative to the Hall of Advisors which debate and come up with several options for law, depending on the issue. The advisors then present these options to the King of Solaris (currently Lothander the Sixth). Once the King decides on a course of action, it then becomes law and must be implemented by all planar members to the Empire. If the planes do not comply, they risk losing the military and economic support of the Empire. Most of the time however, the King takes no action and allows the planes to decide for themselves what to do.


A golden sun, with or without rays. The Empire is often referred to as "The Golden Sun." A typical depiction of the symbol is shown below.


Planar Members

Solaris, Aluvatan, and Phillia all are members of the Empire of Solaris. Countless minor planes also exist within its sphere of control.

Relations with Neutrals

Solaris is a benevolent and non-threatening entity, so its relations with neutral planes are quite high. The only neutral plane that dislikes Solaris to any degree is Indigo. Pallis and Mael both prefer Solaris to The Abyss, and tend to focus their economic activity with Solaris. The Grey largely ignores Solaris, despite its proximity. Solaris' relations with Indigo are poor at best because of Solaris' past attempts to overthrow the tyrannical regime of Indigo.


The economy of the Empire of Solaris is mostly unregulated. There are a few rules (no slavery) that all member planes must abide by. The only thing common to all planes controlled by Solaris is the tax code. To be a member of the Golden Sun, the plane must agree to abide by the tax code as adopted by the Hall of Advisers and the king. This is no light matter, as the Solarin tax code is the most complicated collection of rules and regulations that Solaris's vast bureaucracy has ever produced.


The military of Solaris is the strongest in the planar system (though the Abyss contests this). It is a volunteer service that is highly active even during (rare) times of peace. Although primarily made for combat, the military also directs all peacekeeping and charity operations set forth by Solaris. It also is in charge of The Light School Of Magic, Solaris' primary magical learning center.

Solaris invests a great deal in its military services to ensure that each member is properly trained for their position, and well equipped to execute whatever task is set out for them. Unit morale is typically very high, and members of the military take great pride in their service, and receive equivalent respect from civilians in the Empire.

Solaris’s military is organized much as modern armies are, including the large number of clerks and other "non-combat" members that are required for maintenance and logistical support. The commander-in-chief of all forces is the King, who retains total control of all aspects of any military operation. This is not to say that he is unwilling to listen to the Hall of Advisors, and his generals.


Solaris’s army is very much smaller than the Abyss’s in terms of numbers. However, each unit is trained a great deal more, and receives top-of-the-line equipment. They are also paid much better, and kept in good spirits with other benefits as well.

Like the Abyss, each unit of infantry is assigned a wizard to protect them against magical attacks. However, unlike the Abyss, there are actually usually multiple wizards per unit. Several factors are at work in this. First, Solaris has many fewer infantry units to support, so they need fewer wizards to assign protection to all of them. Second, Solaris currently controls a slightly larger population base than the Abyss, so they have a larger pool from which to draw wizards. Even though a lower percentage of wizards in the Empire choose to serve Solaris’s military than wizards in the Abyss, they still come out ahead in raw numbers of available wizards. Solaris’ army also has a few special features:

Juggernaut Warriors

As the dark wizards have undead constructs at their disposal through necromancy, light wizards have at their disposal a special type of construct called the Juggernaut. Juggernauts are hollow constructs made from wax, glass, and other transparent or translucent materials and animated with Light Magic. They shoot lasers from their eyes, and are immensely strong. When pierced or broken, the light magic inside them shoots out in an uncontrollable blast of searing light. While any light wizard can cast this spell, a special unit is composed of some of Solaris’s best juggernaut artists and infantry warriors. In this unit, the wizards cast a juggernaut around a warrior (who is unharmed by the light magic) and they control the action of the construct to greater effectiveness (constructs are typically very dumb by themselves). Half-Archangel

Sometimes an infantryman of uncommon worth is noticed for their ability and leadership abilities. This will not only earn them a promotion, but they will often receive a set of Archangel armor equipment. Since they don’t have magic of their own, they have to care for this gear like any other infantryman, but it is far superior to anything that others will wear. Because they don’t use magic, they can have Shlén-hide armor with archangel studs and still retain their magic resistance. Another common practice is to wear an untreated Shlén-hide jerkin (only a little harder than leather) underneath an archangel breastplate.

Archangel Knights

Unlike the Abyss, the Solarin army prefers to spread out their knights through the army. All archangel knights are not only superior in their combat abilities, but they also have a great deal of training in leadership and tactics. They comprise a large fraction of the army’s officer corps. Many of them are also solars, whose natural abilities further improve the desirability of placing them throughout the army. The knights inspire and lead their men, and greatly improve the effectiveness of their units.


Solaris has invested a great deal of time and effort into training units of archers. They have several units of well trained archers available. In addition, almost all archangel knights are trained in the use of longbows and offer fire support from the air.


Solaris’s navy’s motto is “First and Finest.” Solaris began researching and developing the concepts and magical techniques required to build a strong, effective naval force long before they first fielded a fleet in the Nexus. The result has been a long tradition of naval excellence and a proud fleet of large vessels.

Since light wizards have the Wall and Reflect spells available for defense of their craft, Solaris’s ships have a real, effective defense mechanism. Their design philosophy has long been that of a large ship that can withstand damage. Because of the size requirements for magical generators that can produce wall and reflect fields, most Solarin vessels have to be quite large (at least 300 ft in length). Smaller vessels have to rely on light wizards standing on the decks to cast defensive spells as necessary. Because they already have such a large size, Solarin designers incorporate additional powerful magic batteries for offensive capability. Solaris has built ever-larger ships over the years, and now has several ships equivalent to Earth battleships in size and power. These ships are also nearly impervious to attack. They can modulate their shields to allow them to fire though “blinking” fields of Wall and Reflect.

Due to the great cost of building these large ships of war, Solaris’s navy is relatively few in number, especially when compared to the size of the Abyssal navy. However, most of their ships have the firepower to obliterate the tiny Abyssal craft with a single shot. Naval battles between the Abyssal and Solarin vessels resemble a pack of wolves attempting to bring down an elephant.

Since Solaris’s ships are seldom destroyed completely, they would have a great deal more ships than they do except for one thing: the Last Dragon War. The only units able to pull back to Solaris quickly enough to make a difference when the evil dragons broke the Earth treaty was the navy. The Solarin armada fought off the evil dragon’s initial attacks, but was utterly destroyed.

Special Forces

No military would be complete without a Special Forces unit. Solaris’s Special Forces encompasses a large variety of powerful warriors and wizards of all types. These specialties are usually combined to make highly effective, purpose built strike teams. Some of the available specialties include:

Archangel Knights

Not all archangel knights serve in the army. Many of the best also serve in the Special Forces. They are often the team leaders for strike groups, using the extensive training they receive at the Light School of Magic to full advantage.


Special Forces wizards are those wizards of greater power than most that choose to continue their study in magic and further develop their powers. They typically have chosen a specialty and are very formidable opponents in combat magic.

Light Mystic

The light mystic improves their skills in martial arts by infusing their soul with light magic. They gain a great deal of power, but lose offensive capabilities. Masters of the art can parry or dodge virtually any attack, and are nearly impossible to kill. However, they cannot initiate an attack.


Most monks feel that they will be more useful to Solaris if they can attack their opponents. Some will infuse themselves with small amounts of light magic, but many remain magic free. Solaris has available a large numbers of Monks in its Special Forces.


Perhaps the weakest area of Solaris’s military operations is their intelligence service. Many people in the service of the Empire are uncomfortable with the lying, deception, and overall shady dealings that are necessary of an effective intelligence operative.

Solaris does have some conventional agents that infiltrate the Abyss’s network and try to get information that way. However, because of how the Abyss’s military is organized it is very difficult for them to obtain much useful information. No agent has ever infiltrated the Dark School of Magic or the palace.

Solaris usually has to rely on bribing officials and officers in the Abyss’s command structure. However, this information is also highly suspect. Most officers are impossible to approach to even offer a bribe, and when they do not kill the agent on the spot, they have often accepted the bribe and given information conflicting drastically with other sources.

A better method that Solaris exercises during war times is simply to interview captured officers and agents using truth spells. This used to be quite effective, and often allowed Solaris to stay one step ahead of the Abyss’s plans. However, since Lord Bael took over and reorganized the military, it has become virtually impossible to figure out what is going on in the upper levels of the Abyss’s military. Most agents and officers don’t know all (or even any) details of the reasons behind their mission, and they typically only know their direct superiors and subordinates.

All these factors have combined to severely limit the knowledge available to Solaris’s intelligence service. Usually they are barely able to get a general sense that something big is in the works, based more on the reports of troop movements that they can get from neutral parties.


Creation to present in Solarin standard years (Dates are approximate)



  • A ceasefire is called. The Ultima and Earth treaties signed.
  • A Dark Age is caused by Ultima destruction.
  • Lothander the 1st appears on Aluvatan.
  • Lothander the 1st is dubbed King.
  • Lothander reveals the location of Phillia.
  • Exploration of other planes resumes.
  • Khoel is discovered, and its status is upgraded to major plane.
  • Pallis is discovered, and its status is upgraded to major plane.
  • Phillia joins the Golden Sun due to Lothander's persuasion.
  • The Oligarchy of Gond makes contact with Solaris through Aluvatan. Gond is given major plane status, and is considered a neutral plane.
  • The Oligarchy reveals the location of Almazan and The Grey. Almazan is labeled as a major plane while the Grey remains minor.
  • Oligarchy agents help discover Indigo. When found Indigo is already at war with the Abyss and allies with Solaris.
  • Solaris attacks the Abyss on Indigo.



  • Using weapons purchased from Gond, The Abyss pushes Solaris out of the Nexus.
  • A ceasefire is called marking the end of the Three Thousand Years War. Solaris decides to stop fighting because of the urgent need to consolidate conquered planes.
  • Pallis joins the Golden Sun due to Lothander the 1st's persuasion.
  • Khoel joins the Golden Sun due to Lothander the 1st's persuasion.
  • Mass conversion of minor planes begins. Solaris does country building on war-torn minor planes.


  • King Lothander the 1st leads an assault on the Nexus.
  • The Abyssal War begins. Lothander fields the Solarin Navy for the first time.
  • The Nexus falls.
  • Siege of The Abyss begins.


  • Drow Empress assassinated by Lord Bael.
  • Lord Bael pushes Lothander out of the Abyss and retakes the Nexus.
  • A ceasefire is called marking the end of the Abyssal War.


  • The Führer appears on Indigo. Mass killing of the bugrom begins.
  • Solaris funds the bugrom, but is unable to help directly without risking a war with the Abyss that Solaris can't handle.


  • The Führer takes full control of Indigo, joins with the Abyss, and destroys all ties with Solaris.
  • Good dragons are revolted at the Führer and demand King Lothander take direct action. King Lothander declares war on the condition that The dragons aid him in the war.
  • The Second Dragon War begins.
  • Gond refuses to allow Solaris troop passage, but allows the Abyss to move through it.
  • Dragons are integrated into Solaris's and the Abyss's army. Every time dragons clash massive casualties result from excess power. The Abyss and Solaris fight to a standstill.


  • Second Dragon War ends after the armies of both the Abyss and Solaris are destroyed.
  • A second Dark Age results.
  • The Führer begins converting Indigo into its modern form.


  • The Abyss breaks the peace and attacks Almazan but fails to conquer it.
  • The Last Dragon War begins.
  • Disgusted at the casualties caused by their power, the Good dragons retreat from the planar system, and seal themselves on their home plane.
  • Evil dragons run rampant, and seek challenging combat.
  • Evil dragons bypass all other planes and attack Solaris directly.
  • King Lothander the 1st single handedly repels dragon assaults over and over.
  • King Lothander the 1st is slain defeating the Evil dragons. The battle destroys much of Solaris.


  • The Last Dragon War ends.
  • Lothander the 2nd becomes king.
  • There is Uneasy peace between Solaris and The Abyss.


  • The Abyss prepares to attack the weakened Solaris, but The Führer betrays Lord Bael and the alliance between the Abyss and Indigo is cut.
  • Indigo conquers many nearby minor planes, stealing them from both the Abyss and Solaris.


  • Pallis leaves the weakened Golden Sun and declares itself neutral.


  • Lord Mael appears. Lord Mael conquers Almazan and renames the plane Mael.
  • Mael becomes a communist plane.
  • King Lothander the 2nd dies. Lothander the 3rd becomes king.


  • It had been theorized that the Grey contains more portals than Khoel. This theory is proven and Khoel is downgraded to a minor plane. The Grey is upgraded to a major plane.


  • King Lothander the 3rd dies. Lothander the 4th becomes king.


  • Gond is mysteriously destroyed. The portal formerly leading there on the Nexus now leads to Mael, and vice versa. Gond’s portals disappear from existence.
  • Solaris blames the Abyss for Gond's destruction and vice-versa. Mages remain silent as to the cause.
  • The Scion Corps is founded on Indigo.
  • The Bloody War begins.
  • All out war rages through every plane. Pallis, Mael, and Indigo try to remain neutral, but are often forced to take sides.


  • King Lothander the 4th dies. Lothander the 5th becomes king.


  • King Lothander the 5th dies. Lothander the 6th becomes king.


  • The Abyss and Solaris mysteriously declare a ceasefire.