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This category contains the races that have been developed for use in the planar system as either player characters or NPCs. This does not mean they are the only races, as new races are being discovered on minor planes all the time.

The races are organized into a tier system. Races in a higher tier tend to overpower the culture of races in a lower tier, whether forcibly (the Mythos) or through peaceful means (the solars).

This phenomenon arises because races in upper tiers have certain inborn characteristics that they tend to follow. Some races follow their natural traits very closely, deviating very little (the avians are the best example of this), while other races will exhibit more variation. However, a society lead by that race will always tend to behave in a certain way.

Tier I

Tier I represents the top level of races. This tier contains only the dragons, both Light and Dark. The dragon's are in a separate tier more because they are immune to cultural changes than as an indication that they will impose their culture on others. Even when dragons actively traveled through the planes their interactions usually consisted of buying (or stealing) food and taking up space while they napped. The dragons' largely passive nature meant that they infrequently engaged in the sort of behavior that would influence the behavior of even individual members of other societies, let alone alter the whole fabric of their culture.

Tier II

Tier II is generally the highest. It contains only the Mythos and the solars. These races' ideals and culture are so strong that they are the driving force behind the two great empires. They were specifically designed by the Crystals with this purpose in mind.

To the extent that they interact with mortals, Angels would be considered a Tier II race. However, Angels seldom have opportunity to impose their "culture" on others.

Tier III

Many races fall into this category. Most races in this category started out in control of their own major plane. Their culture can be dominated by Tier II races, but will usually warp it in the process. This creates a hybrid culture containing primarily characteristics of the Tier II race, but still offering characteristics of the culture of the Tier III race being dominated. The best example of this is how the drow's culture was dominated by the Mythos, and the persistence of that culture even after the Mythos abdicated the throne. Races in this tier, in rough order of how strong their innate cultures are:

Tier IV

Races in this category will completely follow the culture of a race above them with very little variation. Races in this category, in no particular order, are:

Only when completely isolated from higher tier races are Tier IV races capable of developing their own cultures.

Tier V

Races in this category are not smart enough to develop or follow a culture, and are really closer to animals. Those included in this category are:

*That is, to the extent that they interact with mortals. Shadow-con are not very smart.