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Plane is a term used to describe a small section of the planar system. A plane is a self contained world bound to the rest of the system through portals. The number of other planes that a plane connects to can be determined by counting the stars in the night sky, as each will represent a plane in real space (If sufficient technology were developed, it would be possible to travel between planes without the use of the portal network).

All the major planes and some important or interesting minor planes are described in this category. Other things that describe the planar system in general are also contained in this category.

In general the major planes are laid out like so:

                / | \
         The Grey | Phillia
              / \ | / \
(Order) Mael -- Earth -- Pallis (Chaos)
              \ / | \ /
           (Gond) | Indigo
                \ | /
              The Nexus
              The Abyss

The top where Solaris is positioned is considered as Planar North and "good". The bottom, where The Abyss is positioned, is considered Planar South and "evil". Pallis marks Planar East and Mael marks Planar West. These directions are also synonymous with "chaos" and "order" planes. The cultures that tend to develop on and near Mael are generally much more ordered, while those that develop on or near Pallis tend to be more chaotic. The same is true of planes as they pertain to their position relative to the Abyss and Solaris. The planes could be described as being positioned on a coordinate plane, with one axis representing order vs chaos and the other "good" (Solarin like attitudes) vs "evil" (Abyssal like attitudes), with Earth on the origin (balancing both).

Each major plane (except for Solaris) is linked to numerous minor planes that are generally very close to them in cultural alignment. All planes are linked to Earth (though the location of this portal may not be known), which is thought to anchor the portal network.


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